Decentralizing Jesus on the Blockchain

It’s Time to Decentralize Jesus

Using the cryptographic breakthrough of the blockchain ledger and anonymous cryptocurrencies, Jesus Coin has been developed as the currency of God’s Son. Unlike morally bereft cryptocurrencies, Jesus Coin has the unique advantage of providing global access to Jesus that’s safer and faster than every before.

  • Sin Forgiving – Jesus Coin is negotiating with churches to outsource sin forgiveness. *

  • Transaction Speeds – Record transaction times between you and God’s son

  • Predicted to Achieve $50bn Market Cap – Predicted by Peter (not the disciple). **

“And there would be a cryptocurrency, and it would be wondrous, and the Lord would say unto thee followers buy thee Jesus Coin, at the highest possible bonus structure”.

Fast P2P

As an ERC-20 token, Jesus Coin utilizes the full power of the Ethereum Blockchain for fast pilgrim-to-pilgrim transactions.

Portfolio Growth

Jesus Coin may provide spiritual guidance to all your other crypto assets, helping grow their combined value.

Saves From Hell

Jesus Coin is guaranteed to save all of its owners from hell (except Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Bahai, Buddhists and Sikhs). ***

Why Now?

Using the cryptographic breakthroughs of the blockchain ledger and anonymous cryptocurrencies, Jesus Coin has been developed as THE currency of God’s Son.

Beware of false-prophet coins.

Jesus Coin aims to become the de-facto currency of all good Christians. It may even become the currency of all bad Christians too. We predict that Jesus Coin will overtake the Mormon church’s $40bn valuation by 2030 **** to become the 2nd most powerful Christian organization in the world, and overtake the Catholic church’s $1 trillion valuation by 2050, becoming the most powerful Christian institution in the world.


More effective than prayer


More useful to its hodlers than charity


Betrayals by disciples


Chance of being saved if you own Jesus coin.

Our Team


Jesus Christ
Jesus ChristFounder and CEO
After a few years napping in heaven, Jesus got tired of seeing the financial injustice created by the banks and decided to resurrect once more in order bring forth his own cryptocurrency and solve all of earth’s ills.
Judas Iscariot
Judas IscariotTrustee
In order to allay any fears about transparency concerning the Jesus Coin project, Jesus decided to entrust the role of the trustee to a colleague who will not hesitate to denounce all dubious acts that do not conform with the law.
Saint Peter
Saint PeterPublic Relations
As spokesperson of the apostles, Saint Peter is considered by Jesus to be the best suited person to fulfill this role.It seems that after his comeback on earth he fell in love with McDonalds and passes his time there.
Augustus Caesar
Augustus CaesarTeam Manager
A charismatic born leader who has proved in the past his know-how as a manager. Augustus will not hesitate to restore the whip system for the smooth running of a blockchain project.
PhilipBlockchain Developer
Philip, who used to manage the distribution of bread for Jesus, now manages the distribution of coins. If you are reading this text, please applaud behind your screen, with his big ego this can only encourage him.
Jesus’ Donkey
Jesus’ DonkeyCustomer Service
After finding horse meat in his lasagna during the European horseman scandal, Jesus decided to bring down his personal donkey with him in case IKEA tried to turn him into a meatball while unattended.